Dusseldorf, 31' October 2014

"  Ms. Middleton is capable in every respect of applying her excellent specialist knowledge and her sound professional experience with the greatest advantage to the current tasks to be accomplished. As a highly skilled and experienced communications professional, Ms. Middleton has led, contributed towards and been instrumental in the successfully delivery of E.ON's communication strategy across international markets. Furthermore, she also has outstanding project management skills. She was immediately able to assess even difficult situations accurately and to find the best solutions quickly. She always demonstrated personal initiative and was convincing in her strong motivation. We would like to stress our particular appreciation that even under considerable pressure of work she retained a good control at all times. Her power of judgement, which enabled her to arrive at independent, balanced and accurate evaluations even in difficult situations, should be particularly emphasized. Ms. Middleton excelled in fulfilling her tasks responsibly, carefully and with circumspection. We were always able to rely on her very well in difficult and extraordinary situations.


She was proficient, independent and confident in her area of work, often had new ideas and found optimum solutions. She always fulfilled her tasks to our fullest satisfaction. In summary, her specialist performance is assessed as excellent.


Ms. Middleton always integrated with the various working teams in an exemplary manner and always got on very well with employees of all hierarchical levels. Her personal conduct was always exemplary. She was greatly valued by superiors and colleagues.


Ms. Middleton is leaving our company of her own volition in order to devote herself to new challenges. It is with regret upon her leaving that we thank Ms. Middleton for her consistently excellent performance and for our consistently successful co-operation. We would like to wish her well for her future professional and private life and continuing success in the future.  "

Kev Sankar

Commercial Director at Energy & Utility Skills / Director Rock Power Connections:

Rebecca is passionate about her work and this shines through. As a strategic thinker, she quickly grasps the issues and presents insightful communication recommendations and solutions based on research and her in-depth expert knowledge. Her experience and personality means she makes a positive impact on our people and our business. For Rock Power Connections, Rebecca has turned around our online presence and is delivering strategic PR and marketing solutions aligned with our business goals. I would have no hesitation at all to recommend Rebecca as an exceptional strategic PR Consultant.

Jamee Majid

Head of Communications at E.ON Global Commodities:

"I have worked closely with Rebecca on various stakeholder management projects over the course last decade, from media relations to public affairs. She is a highly creative and skilled communicator who is able to operate on a number of different levels, from navigating complex multinational organisations to understanding the needs of local stakeholder groups. Bottom line: she consistently delivers high quality work and would be an asset to any organisation."

Jonathan Smith

Former E.ON UK Colleague:

"Rebecca was a diligent and extremely professional communications professional who could always be relied upon to deal with reactive issues while also being proactive to find the good news within an organisation that was often embattled."

Gabriele F

HR Director in a major international corporation & former colleague:


“With her proven track record and broad intercultural expertise in the field of international PR and Corporate Communications, Rebecca has been an excellent partner  through all our common strategic projects. I very much enjoyed working with Rebecca in the past and would highly recommend her work and her commitment.”


Ahead of the launch of a new international brand, support the client with strategic internal communications services and creative PR work
Providing the client with strategic, creative PR and Internal Communications services for the internal launch of a new international brand
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